Beautiful Day 12.05.13

I went out behind Sullivans Island today to enjoy the sunshine and water. I met a great gentleman by the name of Chris at the 26th Ave boat landing. Thanks for the help today. I have had some good success the last couple times I went out, so I thought I was due a day where the skunk came along. I was wrong. Today was fantastic. Boated 4 nice reds. Biggest at 31", next around 28", then upper slots to finish it out. I also got a small flounder. BTW, all were caught on Trout Tricks.

All Summer I had caught flounder on TT. Not until my last two trips out did I think reds would hit it. On one occasion, I tossed out the TT, slowly retrieved, and when it was about 10 feet away I reeled it in fast. All of a sudden a big red surfaced like a submarine and nearly inhaled the TT about a foot from the kayak. First off, it scared the sh*t out of me. Secondly, I threw the TT right back over there and fish on.

Anyway, I am loving the fishing right now. It has been good to me.Here are a few photos from the last few trips.

Second Photo was the biggest today. Looking back now, he may the biggest I have caught to date. I dont have a measuring tape on board, but if those are 1x6’s on that dock, he pushing 32 and more.

Nice fish - congrats!

1 x 6’s measure 5 1/2" wide, just sayin’…

You need to bring a tape…

I have had some really good days at that spot as well. Haven’t been lately, glad to see the fish are still there.

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