Been a few yrs

Hey y’all. Been away from the forum for a few yrs bc I had to move back to ga to help my dad after his stroke. Haven’t looked at the forum since then bc it makes me miss living in Chas. Finally, I am coming back to fish for a week. Just wondering if any one has reports of wading the flood tides. I have all my old spots and hope the fish still come in there. I think they will. Are y’all seeing any action during the flood tides in the grass? Also ,have any tarpon started to show up yet? Coming 8//7-8/13… heard the jacks have started coming back in decent numbers. That’s cool. Anyway, I am so excited to get to fish my favorite places again. I have been fishing here for freshwater trout and shoal bass but I really miss it there.

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Sorry you had to come back to take car of your Dad due to health reason but, welcome back. And that is despite that ugly bulldog pic.

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Agreed ; that pic gotta go…:smiley:

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That dawg is not ugly he is great.

welcome back…I remember your UGA pic from many moons ago…as Doug said, sorry to hear about your dad…

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Tailers are present in the grass on the flood tides, though it seems like the numbers are down from last season. I blame the big freeze we had that also really took a toll on the trout. Some flats that held 10-15 last year, now only 2-4 on a given tide. Still lots to be caught, just may have to be more patient. Hope you enjoy your time back here!

Thanks for the welcome backs guys. Sup fisher, that was my concern. Thanks for the 411

  • I’d rather be a free man in my grave than living as a puppet or a slave.