Been debating posting this, but here goes for a Terrible Fathers Day for a friend

Got a call from buddy early today that his son was killed due to being stuck by a couple vehicles last night in Augusta while trying to assist his girlfriends vehicle.

This young man was as good as they come, as well as being my sons best friend and best man in his wedding. Saw him quite often and always a hug and love ya…29 years old that would bust his ass working and always willing to help…His dad is broken and said he watched his son take last breath when removed from ventilator.

I will leave it at that for now, other than to say neither driver even stopped…Sorry to post this, but I know some will pray



Prayers sent

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just wow :frowning_face: that is horrible. it makes me remember we are not guaranteed tomorrow. I’ll be praying for the family and really sorry for everybody’s loss.

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There’s nothing you can say. You’re not supposed to outlive your children.

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Praying too for all the family, what a loss of GOOD humanity…

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Man, I’m so sorry to hear this. I just spent the last couple of hours of daylight with my mom spraying weed/brush kill around fence lines and such that would have never been so overgrown if Dad was still alive. Death is terrible and it is so hard for us living to accept. Prayers said for the living. It is said to cry for a birth and rejoice a death. IMO this place we are all in is just a testing ground to see who makes it to the promised land. That said, no father or mother should ever out live their children. I’ve questioned so many deaths of our youth… cancer, a car accident, … what ever… Just know this young man is living above and beyond all strife. No way out of this life but through death… Young or old, it’s coming for us all.

Condolences to all, it is a sad time, praying for you and this young man’s family and friends.

That’s just horrible. I can’t imagine what it must be like to loose a child. He’s got a tough road ahead of him.

I’m heart broken over hearing this, I want to hug the father. You sir have my deepest sympathies and prayers. As I enjoyed my son a few years older yesterday, I feel your pain. Sending light, love, and prayers.

Thanks for all of the kind words. A bunch of us met tonight at Mexican place with family. Funeral tomorrow.

Driver did stop, so I have to retract that.

That info came from his,ugh,GF…to father then brother, then to me…learned a lot from Parker’s mother tonight…have to leave it at that for now…sorry and Thanks for all the prayers.


Just got home from service. Wow, what a turnout!!!

He worked for Atlanta Gas Light. They had a caravan of company vehicles show up and two of the big trucks were back to back in front of the church and had an American flag hung between them.

What a tribute to this fine young man!