Beer virus & work

Just kind of curious what everybody does for a living and how this is affecting your work.
I know a lot of y’all our kind of private.But y’all probably have figured out by now I’ll hang my dirty laundry on main Street.
I’m a project manager for a construction company. We specialize in high-rise waterproofing. And severe damage mostly stuff that’s been in or is in litigation.& do forensic investigations with attorneys and engineers. We don’t New work.

On the waterproofing side we’re finishing up a couple big projects. Usually don’t do a whole lot in the summertime.but managed to keep 10 or 15 guys busy throughout the summer.
But with hotels being shut down I’m sure the projects we had scheduled for this fall will probably get canceled.
On the construction side. we had a project in Charleston. that has been postponed indefinitely. And also a project in Greenville has been postponed indefinitely. I had planned on trying to ease out of the construction business and start running some charters. I had let my captain’s license expire and don’t know when I will be able to go take my test. Right now that don’t look like too bright of a future either. I live fairly modest. fortunately everything I own is paid for. With a little luck and hard work will all get through.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

Hell, I’ll play. Started raking sand traps when I was 13 and worked on and off between golf courses and building houses(built several at Sunset when it was just a strip of sand). Got serious on golf courses after college and worked my way up to course superintendent.Worked Buck Creek,Ocean Harbor,Robbers roost before taking a job as Grounds manager for a college. That was 25 years ago and I’ve managed to make a decent living at it.Good lord willing I’ll be able to retire in 3 years and become full time worthless fisherman.By the way , where’s the reports? I know you’re getting out there!

In 79 I worked at robbers roost & possum trot as a cartboy. I believe they were both owned by the same fella. I can’t remember his name. old age kicking in. I want to say his first name was Louis.he also owned a golf course around Spartanburg??

Looking better everyday for you coming to the beach. .

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

Just read this morning N. Myrtle is allowing vacation rentals starting Friday, a relief for me . Gonna pull out the 40th anniversary Bass Tracker we bought 2 years ago that’s never seen gasoline yet and fire that puppy up.Decided it would fit in with Cherry Grove really well. I believe you were right about the owner of the courses name being Louis, I can still remember his face and I was Bill Burris’s assistant super at Robbers Roost in 1994.Had some big ass gators on that course back then!

Could you guys find an ongoing leak I have at my facility? Have had it looked at several times and had REI on it as well. Need someone that can chase it until it is found!

Soooo, will the name of your new charter business be: Red Heels & Reels… :smiley:


I work for a Steel Joist & Deck company, 99% of our work is commercial like schools, hospitals, Warehouses, super stores, & smaller stuff like CVS, Autozones, ect…
I have been working from home for the past 4-5 weeks & it has been good in ways but also crazy too. Right now we are going full blast but it will catch up with us by the end of this year probably.

Give me a call I’ve got to go to Charleston the end of this week or sometime next week. We don’t do a whole lot of service calls. But I’m always up for a challenge.I’ve got a pretty good track record of finding things other people have not been able too.843-455-9090 I’m sure we can help you out.

Richard you’re going to give me a complex. I think I need to go sit in a quiet/safe room for a while. I would have to get new stickers and shirts made.

Hey when are you scheduled for your day drinking trip to North Myrtle.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

Had to cancel… Beer virus… I’ll let you know the next time I will be down there for a stay, so you can plan accordingly… You know; stocking up on ammo and cleaning the guns to shoot RBF in the arse…