Before hurricane fish

Fish were bitin


Can’t beat that with a stick. There were five empty boat trailers at Folly today around 4.

Nice work!

I thought this was a Fatrat post when I saw the flatties. Good job! Glad that mess cleared out quickly.

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Glad to see dinner in the cooler!
We’ll be heading down to Folly from Anderson for a long weekend next week.
I hope I have some pics to post next week. :grinning:

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Mainly fish the cooper out of bushy park area. Gulp seems to work the best for flounder. I usually jig the bait instead of a steady retrieve. Once you catch one flounder more are nearby

very nice!!!

Love seeing those Flatties. Nice post

That was my first thoughts also.
Thought it was the flounder whisperer…

Don’t know what happened to the rest of the DFreedoms quote. Don’t know why only the last line come out oh well y’all got the gist of it…

I hope Pod doesn’t see this comment… you know he only uses sticks…