Bennett’s Point Opening Day

About 1/3 of a cooler on 1 pass. Shrimp were there thick and then water cleared and they were gone. Mostly medium with some small and larger mixed in.

Fishing was great. Caught quite a few trout, reds, black drum and several juvenile tarpon.

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Well, you got enough for a good dinner.

Nice bunch of shrimp.

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BP is my 2nd home. I absolutely love it! If you don’t limit out, stop by the store and Richard usually has those jumbo’s.

Do you remember that old lab that lived there that would dive for rocks. He was amazing.

I loved the no rules tournament, one year it was won with a thawed out shark from the year before

Good times

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We called him “lil BD” because was sired by the original Black Dog

Wish I knew how he learned to dive for rocks, he could find his specific rock on the ramp by feel among other non-toy rocks

Thanks for the report CSC, saw tons of them where the ICW comes in at chehaw 2 weeks ago, but they were finger size and smaller. Hope they grow quick!

When yall say you shrimp Bennetts Point, what area are you actually putting your poles in? I come down to that area once a year and try to shrimp 1-2 days, but have always gone to Combahee banks. Would love to have another area to try!

From bp you can go about anywhere around the sound. I normally hang around otter or rock creek

Good deal, sounds like I’m usually in the same area you’re talking about. Thanks!