Beretta a300 problems! Barrel defect.

Rarely do I say anything negative about a company on internet but Beretta USA is crap. I recently noticed a very slight bulge in the barrel of my 2 year old A300 while shooting marsh hens with 2 3/4" dove loads. I took the barrel off and found a circular crack in the barrel under the rib. The gun was clean and the barrel wasn’t obstructed! Beretta basically told me I had mud in the barrel. I have scene obstructed barrels and I know for a fact the barrel wasn’t obstructed. I had just fired 2 shots and loaded another shell and shot again. The gun never left my hands. Maybe the mosquitos were to thick for operation or a fire arm? I guess the no see ums obstructed the barrel. Beretta told me to buy a new barrel which cost $300 or 50% of a new gun. Please let your friends know how beretta USA doesn’t stand behind their products. #berettausa

Raise hell with them!!!

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