Best Pizza in Charleston....

I love pizza. After looking at Haz’r’dous pizza, I thought of where I can go to get the best pizza. My preference is more on the thin crust side.

I have to go with these as my three favorites…

Papa Zuzu’s Gyro’s Pizza
Lil Mamas’ Hawaiian Pizza
Athen’s Meatball Pizza

When you crave pizza, where do you go/or what do you make?</font id=“Comic Sans MS”>


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Athens makes a good pie. Greek style with feta, olive oil, tomato, and spinach.

Anyone for JI? Just plain cheese is killer.

Athens does have some good pizza. I’ve had several different kinds in there and they were all good.

how was the one the other night??? sorry we couldnt all get together tonight…next week for chicken night??

miss’n fish’n

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Park Circle Pizza or just Park Pizza

Mellow Mushroom is strong.

mia pomadoris, best thin crust new york style pizza around,212 rutledge ave.

I am not that fond of restaurant pizza, but Jazzed swears the best is Andolini’s in Mt. Pleasant.

Long Enuff

I like Deroma in Mt P!

Steve Morgan of Parson Jack’s has a killer "greek " pizza on his menu. Thin crust, peppers, olives, etc. My oldest daughter and wife love it.

the original andolini’s on wentworth is my favorite, while the recipe is the same in the other locations, you have some staff on went. that have been there for years and it shows

I like D’Allesandro’s


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Anyone tried “Your Pie” by the coburg cow yet?

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Anyone tried “Your Pie” by the coburg cow yet?

Pretty dang good pizza there. Two thumbs up.

…because everything is a conspiracy!!!

Found and tried a recipe for grilled pizza not to long ago, i think i ruined my tatse for others. besides grilled Andolini’s is not bad.

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Shrimp and Scallop Flatbread Pizza made by Hoppy!

One with Mozzeralla and Carribean seasoning. The other with Feta Cheese and Italian seasoning.


You have to drive up to N Charleston and try EVO [Extra Virgin Oven] wood fired pizza. All natural meats and local produce. These guys know what they are doing.