Best Place to Dry Stack

Hello Friends

Ill be taking delivery of 21 foot seahunt and am looking for a place to dry stack her.

Two primary options are Daniel Island Marina and Shem Creek.

Ill be using the boat for inshore and near shore, and either Marina is fine for me distance wise. I know Shem Creek is a little more crowded, esp. in the summer. But I like the idea of being down there, and that it is closer to the intercoastal.

Any comments on which place is a better choice? What will I love/hate about either place.

Thanks as always

I dry stacked at Danial Island for a year and hated it. Heres why. The desal fork lifts cover your boat in a gray film from the smoke. It gets trapped under the canopy and it is so bad that you cant step on your boat until you wash it. If you do you grind it in, This may be true of Shem Creek, I don’t know.


I seem to have answered my own question, and will post here for others in the future with similar questions.

Both Marinas are nice, and either would be an excellent choice.

While DI is far cheaper, these savings are lost when one considers the price of fuel used on trips to and from the harbor. If you are planning on taking your boat out more than three times a month, the savings are lost.

Shem Creek is more crowded and more expensive, but they also have restaurants and bars, and being much closer to the Harbor and intracostal, you have more time on the water.

The folks at DI are very nice, and it is a comfortable place to keep your boat. If you arent planning on going up the Wando or out into the ocean very often, it is a very nice option.

Vegas Dave