Best rod and reel combos

So now that I’m hooked on king fishing what do you guys recommend for combos for slow trolling baits?

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I use TLD 15’s and Penn 49’s (star drag) for live baiting. I keep my drag at 4lbs at strike on the 15’s and the start drags never move.

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I like avets for conventional or shimano baitrunners for spinning

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Fished Avets this week…VERY NICE

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I use 6/0 Penn Senator rod & reel combo, they are simple to use and take a beating. You can use the 6/0 reels for trolling & bottom fishing.:sunglasses:

I have some TTD 20 with some 5’6” Power Sticks , very nice for trolling, I haven’t used them for bottom fishing , anything will work in a pinch

It depends on your budget and preferences. I got a saltist bg and love it. High speed and smooth as can be. Ive fished with people who use fin nors, shimanos, penns, avets, diawas and they are all good. The bottom line is about having the line capacity for about 400yds or more of 20lb mono and a 20lb to 40lb softer tipped rod.

Thanks for the info guys. We shall see how much the wife will let me spend lol.

2018 Sea Fox 226 Commander
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Ebay is your friend…lol

new shimano speedmasters