Best way to ocean between iop and dewees?

This I know has been talked about a lot I’m sure but refresh my memory, I did folly at low tide a month ago at low tide to get my tracks set for the week, does this apply here? Going down and have a wet slip at iop from 14 July till 21 July and want to be safe and save time also as the ride down inter coastal wastes a lot of time, ur thoughts ?

The bars have changed since the spring time and definitely moved since last summer. If you go out at low tide and you don’t know how to read waves breaking in shallow water then you better wait until the tide is high to ensure you get across. Half tide is still a little tricky

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ICW at low tide to can make you high center between Awendaw and IOP if you are running the channel in areas as well.

How big is you boat? How much does it draft loaded?

Plus tides are not the same each swing. I was looking at your week and the low tide will deviate almost a foot, and that doesn’t take into account the wind and fetch.

Anyway, just some stuff to consider.

Go out Dewey’s at low tide with light wind. It is easy to read the waves and pick your route between the breakers. Slight S turn involved. My saved route is still good from last summer. Much harder to pick it out coming from the ocean–ask me how I know! LOL


It’s a Seafox 237 , is 8ft 6 inches wide and drafts 18 inches from (specs) has twin 115 mercury//yamahas , can hold 121gallons of pure gas from dead dry tank … so if im fully loaded with fuel topped off it probably sits down to around 21 inches more on draft…

Guess I should mention also I’ve got 4 batteries as I’ve got radar etc that adds weight

Thanks for your input sigmonster.

Welcome back to the site!!

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Hey sig how bout Monday week u come ride with us to show us the way so I can have it on my tracks ? So we can rest assured we be safe going fishing via the short cut , would love and feel safer having ur knowledge on board and it’ll be a free ride with beer or liquor of ur choice for your help, ok

I am here this week, but gone the rest of the month.

I could ride out at low tide one day or I could send you a screen shot of my route. I have SIMRAD on my boat and maybe you could come by and copy the track of my machine if compatible. My boat is in Morgan Creek.

Text my cell 828-781-3065. Reggie Sigmon

Don’t do it. Sincerely- your friendly neighborhood Coastie