Big Bull Red

Took a short trip down to St.Helena on Thursday and Friday. Fished the first day and had a couple of good, but expected bonnet head fights. No sign of any reds or tarpon though. Day 2 we anchored up at a well known tarpon hole and managed a couple more sharks along with a long battle against a monster stingray. No sign of the elusive tarpon though.

The day maker came after deciding to post up behind the Fripp island bridge. It was great to see my cousin pull in a 40 inch bull red after returning last week from a 9 month tour in Afghanistan flying Blackhawks. Definitely the highlight of the trip! Fish was released quick and took off strong. Caught him on cut mullet on the bottom. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with the homemade chum blocks we made the night before with leftover menhaden and shrimp (although that blender might never be the same again).

Great trip all in all with some pretty hilarious guys.

Broom tail redfish, Nice

nice we down on harbor island right now i would love to get into a couple of those if u have any tips i would love to here them. nice job on the red!

180cc Sea Pro
140hp Johnson

very nice! im gonna get me a few monsters like that this year yet!!

“you win some, you lose some…but nothing beats getting some!”

98seapro, we didn’t have much luck in the creek mouths other than sharks, however the big red was caught behind the bridge closer to fripp on the incoming tide. I would be very interested to see what live bait would have done to the equation. We had dead menhaden and cut mullet on the bottom. The top floats were not touched. The bite was soft and had to feed the sharks which was a little unusual, but the red took it hard. I would say play around with leader length until you dial into what works and put out a buffet of baits. Good luck!