Big Reds 1-20-12

Headed out on the Stono early this morning to catch the first few hours of the falling tide. I stopped at Haddrell’s for some live shrimp around 7am. Had the boat in the water by 7:45(I always spend way too much time in that place), I was on one of my favorite docks by 8:15. Started drowning shrimp and within 20 minutes or so the bite really turned on. Within an hour we had already released 8 nice slot sized Reds. Thats when I hooked up on this moster. I was using my little trout rod with 10lb mono. Wow what a fight. He measured 34" and wore my arms out!!

Nice catch

Bragging may not bring happiness,
but no man having caught a large fish,
goes home through the alley.

Way to go. Quality looking fish.

A wise man once said “Do as I say not as I do” Good advice when I tell you that.

Great job! Pretty fish

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Nice fish. Hope we can pick up one in the stono tomorrow. Need to run my motor yet always have bait. going out of limehouse. Not setting the bar high but always try my best to find’em.

Opps - Hope you’re feeling better! If i catch any tomorrow then i won’t wash my hands so you can smell them Monday morning… hehehee…

Shamrock, what time are you rolling out of Limehouse? I will be launching around 11:30.

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hairball, leaving soon. actually behind schedule. probably will fish more towards the wadmalaw direction from limehouse yet not necessarily too far in that direction. i got two other guys with me today(well, one for sure). i have an old 17 ft scout with a 100 hp yamaha. if you see me, don’t hesitate to pull up! always good to meet other good people on here. either way, good luck today!