Big Thanks

I have to give a huge THANK YOU to Rob with Knot @ Work charters. He let me set up next to him at 4 KI when my tranducer decided to failed. Helped me out with a hug anchor. And was great to fish beside. Also there were sheep.

Hung anchor

There are many good folks still around…glad your faith in finding one was renewed.
Happy Easter everyone.

miss’n fish’n

Sea Squirt 16

Robert is a class act! Good job


NMFS = No More Fishing Season

“Back home we got a taxidermy man. He gonna have a heart attack when he see what I brung him”

can’t tell you how many times I have crossed the Wappoo bridge early in the morning and have seen the Knot@Work already sitting in the water, waiting on the charter…that is a lot of boat for Robert to launch by himself…good stuff!

The Morris Island Lighthouse

Ditto n Robert being a nice guy!

miss’n fish’n

Sea Squirt 16

used to live by knot at work, very much a class act, he’d give you tips at the drop of the hat, hope his charter business is booming

Robert helped us out at the lowcountry anglers reef a few years back by showing us how to the catch the spadefish that were all around us. Robert is a great guy

Robert is good people.

Fish to live.

No need for any thanks. I will help whenever I can, wherever I can. Same as everyone else. Thanks for the kind words. See you on the water. Tight lines.

Robert Olsen