Biggest HOG you ever did see !

Don’t b!ch , I told you it was a hog . An old pic of my grandpa and uncle and it came from about as far inland as you can get without going into NC.

That must have feed the entire county back in those days…How is retirement going??? You cleaning up on Hartwell any???


Hey Mitch , that old hog probably took care of most of the county . The city pop was probably around 800 around then . I have been getting around 25 to 40 bass per trip on Keowee each trip . I just found out a couple days ago that 18 mile creek landing is in working condition , about 25 minutes from here so I am going there when this wind gives me a break . The 4 to 7 pound’ers are are hitting pig n jigs , so one of the BASS boys tells me .
I think I work more since retirement but I do get more naps . Hope your work is keeping you busy ,I might come help ya when I need some big money.
I started this topic just to see how many people visit the site during this time of year , I kinda figured the title would get all to click on it , looks like around 700-800 in 24 hours . Peapod can use this info ya know . Hope you have a great new year !