Bilge pump auto switch

Has anyone installed one of these?

Is it worth the 3x price, was looking for info or any pros or cons?


If it works as it states it will be the one to have! Ever had trash under your float switch or oil and trash from up in the bilge. Look like you install and forget.

i have had two. both failed. jan

Thanks jan!

Thanks from me as well JAN…experience trumps a degree everytime!

They all break… except this one

Originally posted by C Michael Bergen

They all break… except this one

Yeah, but holy crap $150!!

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there have been several attempts to manufacture a solid state auto pump switch, all of them have failed, normally resulting in a lawsuit and buyback. I will not install one of the new smart pumps either. I use the rule 40A float switch, its not perfect, but its better than anything else I’ve installed. I generally replace 20-30 float switches a year, I have not had a rule 40A fail in the 10 years I’ve been using them(used sure bail switches before with mixed results)

I installed a water alarm in my Bertram to let me know if the pumps don’t work. Nothing worse than a sunk boat, lucky mine was at the dock!

We have this one as the secodary pump control in our 2012 bay:

Its been in there since the boat was new. It’s mounted on the transom about 3 inches up. I manually test it every time we take the boat out, no problems so far.