Birthday weekend fishing Bushy Park

Took a long weekend to celebrate enjoy and relax. Thursday morning started good with a couple Reds and as I continued on up the Cooper missed a few flounders and got three small ones in the livewell to be tagged and released. Then realized that I left my tag bag at the house but released the flounder and red that was still swimming

Friday morning started the same with Reds and flounders (too small) again

Saturday morning caught 27" Red and released.

Fished BP then ran into Goose Creek looking for trouts but water was Murky. Fished a white swim mullet that the flounders were striking and a few muds but that swim mullet done the trick. Had a good weekend back in a few of my holes.


Nice report. It makes an average fisherman like me feel better when someone of your prowess admits to missing a fish. I am still haunted by a huge flounder I lost right at the boat on Clouter Creek while fishing with Vinman one day. If a guy like you can miss them, anyone can. Good to see the little flatties, they grow up eventually.

Should’ve been there this morning,it stayed cloudy for awhile.Reckon I’ll make some gar balls like Glenn and Mitchell unless the Natch tells me his recipe.

Garballs. Mmmmboy

Our local long nose gar are good food! I have a set of sheet metal snippers in my cleaning knife box. . They eat like really good gator tail

Nice!! Good to see you back sharing your fishing success. Seems like the bigger reds are really hungry right now. The one I took home the other day had nothing in it’s stomach.

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