black bass

Went to lake Russel this week and filled the boat with black bass throwing Alabama rigs,only put 1 strper in the boat 18# lost several in the trees. Was using 65# braid, locked down drag on 6500 and 7’ heavy rod! How in the world do you keep these fish from gettin in the trees? Did have one pull snaps off rig!

never fished for them there so i have no idea what kind of elements you are talking about but i will say i looked into drags on reels alot when i started buying a couple of bottom fishing reels and i don’t think the 6500’s have a huge drag…maybe 10#'s or so max not really for sure. but are these fish still pulling drag into the trees? If so i got a TINY little reel in the garage that would stop that…lol…sounds like fun though…hope you can catch’em up good luck.

Hope you released the striper…don’t really care about the greenies(they self sustain)

Returned all fish! The DNR has made this a throphy lake and the limit is 2 stripers! Ran into some fishermen that didnot know that and had well above that but quickly left when we told them! Should be big sign at landings!!! Have got my 675 Penns rigged and ready to go tomorrow