Blue crabs/claws turning white

I went crabbing today and the crabs were running strong but some of the Blue crab claws turning white and there shells where lighter in color.

Maybe they shed their shells recently. If so, they won’t have much meat in them.
Just my guess

The heavy tide we have been having have washed off there color!

recent molts have been very poor in meat, but plenty of really rusty jimmies out there too. saw a number of them guarding females getting ready to molt over moon on monday. if they sound hollow when you thump them on the back and they are bright white, they will probably end up in pieces in your bucket before you get home anyway!

All crabs were heavy, I’ve never seen white claws before. I think maybe because the tides have been so high lately they have been in the marsh to much and got over exposed to the sun or something. The reason I went crabbing is because when I went for a walk there were crabs like every foot in the marsh next to the dock, even saw a eight foot gator crawling around right there, and caught a bunch of small American shad there in the net too. I couldn’t even find a picture of a blue crab like the few that were turning white.