BM on 5/17

Fished towards the 226. A buddy who was out the day before left a weedline in 800ft… ran right there but never found it. Turned around in 1400ft must have just missed it heart after reading few guys found it deeper and crushed it.

Missed 3 dolphin thanks to some new anglers on the boat but landed one good size bull.

Going was slow thereafter until a blue showed up and destroyed the WTFB. 75 minutes later after a lot of good acrobatics, and almost getting spooled on the 50W twice, it was a palm beach release boat side just after touching the leader. Fish was around 500-600lbs.

New angler’s are hooked now!!

No dolphin made it in the box?


Yeah, Shevlin, we were out the day before at 226. We approached from the south and there was no line, but found it heading WNW out from 226. Great weed line (maybe 3 miles long) but only 2 made it in the box, lost 3 others. Had a great spread out (all the usual suspects = blue/white, pink/white, bird, etc.) and saw many 'fin including a 50lb+ that went under the boat and through the spread without taking a bite. Also had a sail take the end off a 'hoo as we tried to drop it in his snout…no dice. The fish were there and they simply weren’t eating.

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