Boat cooler other than YETI

I like a good/great cooler; but, just can’t justify the ridiculous cost of YETI. Recommendations ?

My father n law has a couple RTIC coolers & they are really good. Still pricey but cheaper than yeti.
Really depends on how long you will use it at a time, how often, & if you will be using it to stand or sit on if a rotomold cooler is justified.

I also like RTIC but, check out Pure Outdoor on We got one of our sons one 4-5 years ago. I compare it to my Yeti and I believe it to be every bit as good and about half the price.

Have had an RTIC 65 in the truck for 4ish years, maybe more. Love it for the sale price i paid, especially since it’s not getting moved much. It’s like 100lbs loaded, holds ice a long time and makes a good travel cooler for supplying the soft 30 on the day trips.

I think it would also make a real good fore boat cooler with deck mounting stuff. Seen a couple like that around.

Like DF said, there are probably lots of deals out there depending on brand. I think rotomolded stuff is a fairly flat playing field when evaluating actual cool retention capabilities. The reviews I read mostly came down to the durability of the moving parts (hinges, handles, plugs, feet) under high to extreme stress like rolling off the tailgate at 35mph. Other thing to consider is future availability of parts. I had a plug crack because I dropped it and stepped on it, so I bought 2 and now have an extra. The rubber straps that hold yetis/rtics closed are going to have to fail at some point too.

Yeti’s are promoted as made in USA, but not so true. I got the wife a Kenai Because I was tired of the yeti hype, plus she love teal. So far so good. I almost went with the Lifetime cooler.

The YETI or similar are great if you need to keep stuff cold for days. Just brought a YETI full of fish across the country - SC to Montana - using dry ice. Arrived after 38 hours frozen solid.

On my new boat, I have an inexpensive but large Igloo. Works great as fish box on day trips, can keep ice and fish plenty cold for a 10 hour day. Light weight to move on and off the boat (my wife can lift it in a pinch loaded with ice which she can’t do with a YETI). It does have a pretty good drain valve, which I think is a requirement.

My old boat was equipped with YETI, can’t really see the added value unless going overnight or using for seating.

Me too, a good while back best guess 2001, I bought a 150 qt Igloo for $49 at a bass pro store during a sale, since I’m extremely frugal I freeze milk jugs and never had any issues with keeping catch cool until butchering, got the usual stuff going on with closures and hinges but it sure don’t owe me nothing and has taken all the abuse.

RTICs are just as good as Yeti. I used to see them on that website that Bonzo liked…I thought it was Cheaper Than Dirt, but I don’t think that’s it. If I remember, I’ll post it.


That’s it. I don’t know if they still do coolers, but I feel like I saw them there at some point.

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Dang, forgot all about S&C. They used to have good deals on sunglasses. WHERE IS BONZO??

Yeti list a lot of ground and market share when they crapped on the NRA

Bingo. We have a winner folks.

Step up sir, pick any prize on the top shelf

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They were disinvited from the Great American Outdoor Show and the Shot Show because of their stance against the NRA. Those are the biggest outdoor shows in the world owned by the NRA those shows usually have 500k + paid attendees