Boat Fishing without Trolling Motor

Been down here for a few years now and most of my fishing has been spent in a kayak, wading, or fishing in a buddy’s boat. I recently got a 23’ center console but will not have a trolling motor for it until I can get it from my parents house after the new year.

I enjoy inshore fishing for Reds, Trout, Sheepshead, however I have been struggling to get close enough to the oyster beds/structure that I typically fish using just a bow anchor and the outboard to get me there. Just not comfortable pushing the depth of the boat and don’t wanna anchor up too close to any structure having to worry about the fiberglass.

Looking for any advice on spots/techniques that would be better for an anchoring fisherman or any tips on how to maximize my accessibility until I can get that trolling motor.

I’m usually accessing via WO Thomas Landing on the Ashley, but willing to travel most anywhere in the area.

Thank y’all

Stick it pole.
I got a 12 ft one that is in 7ft & 5ft sections.
The 2 sections both fit in my under gennel rod holders.
I had it custom made by Titan Fiberglass.

May want to ask on here how well one works gor boat your size.
I have 21ft bay & it holds great in sand & mud bottoms.

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P m me and let’s talk. I used to guide and I know more spots than you can count. Inshore and offshore. I was fishing long before I pilot or the bottom stabbing devices came along. Using an anchor and a few tricks to find the fish


TM is nice, but def not needed. but it sure does make life easier.

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Good idea, thank you!

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DM sent, thanks!

I managed Harrys Fish Camp for awhile and a lot of the catfish guides with pontoon boats made their own stick it anchors out of metal pipe.

Yes. galvanized emt conduit works great. I used a 2 1/4 “ pipe support on the stern and a rope on the front. On fresh water