Boat Shine

23’ Outboard Bay Boat.

Issue- get tired of trying to keep a shine on it. Tried several different ones…all last maybe 3 months.

Hull gets very clean before polish.


I have wanted to do mine in a ceramic coating but it is expensive so I gave up on it.
I ran across at Walmart Armor All ceramic wash for $11. It is called a wash but do not use as a wash. Wash as normal & then apply this stiff afterwards.
I bought a suds attachment for my hose pipe (can also get them for pressure washer) and put some in the jug. After spraying down good just rinse off.
I have not done my boat yet but I did my wife’s van & it looks really good & water beads right off. Dirt & dust rinses off really well without any scrubbing.
Plan on doing my boat & camper next.

[navy]Sportsman Masters 207 Yamaha F150[/navy]