Boat Title and Registration

I bought a used jon boat from a private party. They had the title for it and they signed the back of the title when I bought it. My question is: What do I need to do to get it registered in my name and get the title transferred. Can I get this done at the DMV or do I need to go to DNR office?

I recently bought a small jon boat also.I just filled out the info on the title and took it to the DNR office,took all of 10 minutes tops.

Great, that’s good to know. thanks for the info. :smiley:

Keep in mind that any outboard will also need a title and be registered. I believe that SC and MD are the only two states that require outboards to be registered/titled.

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yes I believe I read on the DNR site that outboards 5 hp and up will need to be registered and titled. I only have a transom mounted trolling on it now, but i am thinking about a small 4 stroke in the near future.

if the motor is over older there won’t be any taxes