Boat / Trailer Parking

Hi all -

Just moved to the Charleston area and looking for a location near downtown or Johns Island to trailer park a 23’ boat. Open to sharing any commercial lots, driveways or private parking situations - of course, in return for compensation.


You might also try Boat Life Charleston facespace group if you dont get any good bites here.

Oh yea, I kind of forgot…

Welcome aboard! Looking forward to some reports from the new blood.

Good luck.

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Like Stump said, welcome to the site, and be sure to keep us posted on your adventures!!

There is a big storage place on Main Road I saw a while back, they had a lot of RVs and boats sitting there along with a ton of storage.

If worse comes to worse rent there by the month until you get a feel for where you’ll be and what your boating needs will be.

Thanks all! Appreciate the leads.
Hope to see you all around.

I might have a place on Johns Island. Its a grass lot with a fence around it. What’s the going rate for something like this?