Boone Area Advice

Anybody fished around Boone before that could recommend a stretch of river to hit, flies to use etc? I’m going next weekend for a weeding and plan fishing all day Friday.


Linville gorge is nice but can be a bit of a hike. South Mill fishes well, as does the Watauga @ times. I usually toss hares ear’s soft hackles just cause i like fishin em. this time of year, terrestials (ants and beatles esp) are good bets as are Light Cahills in the p.m.
South Toe’s good too. your best bet is too check with the local shop there, i cant remember the name…will post again if it comes to me.

Thanks Scotty

I did a google maps and the Watauga is right around the corner from our cabin. Hope its good this time of year. Will hit up the fly shop when i go to get more direction.

Wish you luck with the Watauga - it was nearly dry at the end of August as were the upper reaches of Wilson’s Creek. There was plenty of water at Linville. It generally looks good unless there’s a downpour. Lots of construction up there so it gets muddied up when it rains.

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Talk to the guys at the Appalachian Angler. There are a lot of good headwater creeks on the back side of Grandfather Mtn that we’ve had luck with in the past. Basically headwaters of Wilson Cr. Boone Fork, if I recall the name correct, is nice as well. The Watauga through Hounds Ear golf course is good. If everything is running real low, I’m not sure what would be the best bet. I haven’t fished up there in 8 yrs after moving down to Charleston. There is too much good water closer in proximity to CHS that there’s no need to make the hike up there.

Not Boone Fork. I was thinking of Howards Cr. Meat Camp, Lost Cove are also nice if there is enough water. The NC DNR used to have really nice trout maps but I wasn’t able to locate online anymore. It looks like they made a book in print for revenue and took them offline. Talk to App Angler. Buy a few caddis dropper combos and they’ll point you in the right direction. Go for smaller water that receives less pressure.

Thanks again fellas!