Boston Butts

HT has them on sale for 99cents a pound.

23 Sea Hunt

limit 2 per VIC card…but yes, I got mine yesterday! helluva Bonzo Bargain…

The Morris Island Lighthouse

saw that too, ~20lbs of pork going in barbawang’s chest freezer today!

Confound it,guess i’ll have to drive all the way to HT thru traffic.Thanks marshman ,i did not hear about it.

the ones on Harborview are all smallish, all 5-7lbs on display. I had dude go in the back to find a 7.5 and 9.5lber, he said they’ve got a ton of them but most everything was small- there was even a little 3lb one back there, might be the most tender BBQ you can get!

For those of you who wanted some but didn’t get any last week, here’s another chance. BiLo will have Boston Butts on sale Sat and Sun (June 9-10) this coming weekend.


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