Bottom fish - can't keep?

Is the Red Snapper the only fish we can’t keep right now, that you are likely to catch anyway. I’m sure there are some exotic species on the list as well. I print the regs, but just thought I’d ask. As I recall Grouper is good through end of the year?

Can’t keep a few of the groupers too.

jolthead porgy is closed im almost positive

SAFMC website is your friend :smiley:

“mr keys”

Better download the new regs. Grouper is closed, most porgies are closed, cobia is closed.

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Easier to keep up with what you can catch…menhaden…mullet…couple of black bass…GRUNTS…bank bass depending on your aggregate bag…you better have a fish ID BOOK…print out the regs the night before with the date…the regs might be different the next day… change like the wind.

SAFMC has an app in the Google store. Install on your phone and update it periodically. Piece of cake

Grouper? Hope not caught gags and scamps Saturday.

Gags and scamps are still open.

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Will look at app, that sounds like a great tool