Bottom Fishing 6/21

Went out on a decent ocean yesterday with a couple of good buddies. We wanted to get on the c bass good for the last day of 15per person. We caught tons of short fish yesterday. C bass, b liners, red porgys. We needed a vent tool for every person on the boat with how many fish we released. We fished 65-100ft with majority of time spent in 85ft. Kept 1 nice gag that Timmy caught and threw back a few nice Red Snappers. Got rocked up on several nice mystery fish as well. We caught some AJs on poppers which was fun as they were schooling around the boat at the surface. Saw a big hammerhead when he came up and ate the float line out the back and had a stud cobia show up and disappear within 30 seconds. We fished near Split Decision catamaran most of the day and sounded like they had a good day. It wasn’t a bad day out there but with the usual high expectations and so many undersized fish it was somewhat of a let down. Always better than being on land though.

Nice going Charles. Did everything go ok with your motors? Andy had said you had to limp in a couple trips back due to the buzzer going off. No peanuts came along that you could bail with the spinning tackle?

im having some kind of electrical short and the oil alarms are coming on both motors while there is plenty of oil in the main reservoir…the reservoir on the motor isn’t getting oil from the main one and then the (**() alarm goes off- this is starting to drive me somewhat insane- i wish someone in this town knew what to do to help me fix it cause i have done some much bs already and nothing works

Are your outboards Yamaha two strokes?

ShainD, they are 2002 hpdi 200hp 2 strokes- i replaced the oil pump and sender unit which is connected to the main reservoir on the boat and my boat people told me that would solve the problem but after about 30 miles the oil on the motor runs low and doesn’t refill itself from the full reservoir on the boat- this has been a sporadic problem for many months and is very frustrating so any advice or knowledge would be great from anyone…

This is common with these motors, did you replace the oil filter next to the oil pump behind the tank? This is the only situation I have seen that are causing problems like yours, Also the oil tank needs to be cleaned out, replace filters, & possibly blow out the lines. If you are using a lower grade oil I suggest switching to yamaha 2M; making sure your jugs are clean when filling your resevoir helps.

Verify there are no kinks in your oil line as well. I hope this will get you going.

Agreed, there is a filter that is behind the reservoir tank that costs about $2.00. I had this same exact issue. Once replaced, no more issues.

It drove me crazy.

Charles, do you fill your oil up from the remote oil ports, or do you fill it up righ at the resevoir (oil tank)? The first thing thha you want to check is to make sure that the gasket right at the resevoir (oil tank) is air tight. It should make a hissing (air pressure) sound when you unscrew the cap after you have been cranked for 10 minutes or so. Make sure that it’s a good seal. All that stuff requires a bit of air pressure, so if you have any leaks in the system, it will cause your issue (i.e. oil isn’t making it up the feed).

I have been using the yamalube oil that i get from hanckel in clean 5gallon jugs only used for that oil. I didn’t replace that filter cause i didn’t know it was there, but i will do that tomorrow. Jason as far as i know the pressure is good. The cap for the oil reservoir on my boat is on top of the gunnels and it clicks once it has screwed tight. The problem is the tank on the motor getting low and if it runs fine for 30 or 40 miles and then gets weird, maybe there is air or something in the hose but i guess im going to detach and reattach all the hoses and replace those filters and go from there. It has mainly been only doing this on port motor and last 2 trips did it on both motors and im guessing that is prolly something with that filter. Thanks for the responses ShainD, stillalive and Jason. Hopefully i figure this out sooner rather than later

Early last year, I had the same exact problem with one of my 2004 300 HPDIs. The buzzer would come on and the tank on the side of the motor was low. I’d fill it up and it would be fine for some time, until the buzzer sounded again and I repeated the process. This happened a couple of times at random. Since it was mid-season, all I did was pull my oil tank out enough to get to the oil tank filter (screen) and I replaced it (simple job). It’s been 200 hours since and I haven’t had a problem. I’d start with the replacement of that filter since it is an easy/cheap fix. Good luck.

33’ Hydra-Sport

did you check the oil tank screens? I had one that was clogged

ck primer bulb on oil line

thanks guys for the added input- draining the main reservoirs and taking them out this weekend and checking everything- thanks for the help!

I do not agree with the primerbulb Idea, Yamaha did not think it was necessary; They probably know something about outboard engineering. If you did not replace the filters I would say 100% that will fix your issue.

I’ve got an 01 200 HPDI. I’m assuming you know where the bypass switch is to fill the engine tank when it hasn’t refilled itself? Not sure if that is part of the sending unit/sensor that you’ve already replaced, but that is a possible problem area.
Simple fixes are usually first on outboards it seems though. Like others have said, that $4.00 filter under the main reservoir will most likely be the fix like others have said. My system was acting up one day I took the boat fishing in 20-30 degree weather. I thought it was the temp slowing the oil flow up, but I discovered some gunk in the bottom of the oil tank when I replaced the filter.

There’s also another cheap little plastic filter under the cowling. You should replace both while you are at it. They are only slightly different in size, so note which goes where.

If I remember correctly, Yamaha lists checking the oil tanks and filters every X hrs on the maintenance schedule… I would empty the system completely and check/clean at least the main tank out to look for any sludge that’s accumulated. May not need it, but the filter has been doing its job and has been clogged up, so you could have more crud that needs cleaning out before putting a new filter in and having it clog up soon after.

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