Bottom fishing Dec 14 & 15 out of CHS

Cool start.
Typical flat calm conditions.
Started @ 106’ off to the left & never had to move.

Sunday: One nice 50# cobia (on my old brass antique scale) wanted a pinky brought to the surface but Malcolm had his own ideas. Got him in the head with a gaff and into the cockpit before the camera could get on target.
10 ARS & a half a dozen triggers :frowning:
Loads of orange, black & pink :slight_smile:
Way too many sharks - big & small. A bunch of them have $.50 jewelry hanging from their lips for the holidays ;(
Lost 2 ARS to them alongside.
Everything on cut bait.

Monday: Another curious cobia gaffed and iced.
Justin played with a jig & kept busy.
Little tunny, AJ’s, and a nice gag.
Not as many ARS or triggers but plenty of orange, black & pink.

Great day on a beautiful day in Dec

NICE !! How deep dave?


“You can have my gun when you pry my cold…forget that, you can’t have my gun!”