Bottom Fishing report with jjfishing Sun 8/31

Better late than never!

Met Jeff (jjfishing) here on the forum in the fishing match up section. First time that I’ve actually met up with another fisherman from the forum and had the chance to jump on their boat. Jeff was an awesome captain we had a good day fishing. We went out on Sunday Labor Day weekend. Headed about 40 miles out and hit a lot of different spots.

5 guys fishing caught 25 vermillion snapper, 2 cobia, 1 amberjack, a handful of BSB, 2 red snapper (too bad we couldn’t keep them) and 1 porgy. Had 3 or 4 sharks on lines managed to get one to the surface. Saw several tiger sharks 6-8 foot range hanging around the boat, one time with a group of cobia swimming alongside. The other guys claim they saw a hammerhead swim up to the boat, of course while I was busy with some beers.

Got some pics below, Jeff or Michael or Frank if you’ve got any other good pics add them in the thread. Jeff - thanks again, great time!


I gotta admit, I’m a little jealous.

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