Bottom Sweeper Jigs

Been out the last few weekends in my kayak. Using fiddlers, blue crab, shirmp as bait. Got on some sheepshead and reds. 2 nice reds at 25" and 32". A few sheepshead around 18".
I highly reccomend the bottom sweeper jigs. They work great and have great hook set rations, especially with sheepers. Put little chuncks of blue crab or a fiddler on the jig and drop it near a dock and there’s no telling what’s going to hit it.

32" red in a kayak, that’s impressive young man.
What weight do you like in those high dollar jigs?
Where did you get them?


Half ounce works fine in 10 feet of water for me. Jetties and near shore reefs I would go 3/4 ounce, maybe 1 ounce.

Jackson Wells

I ordered mine directly from the bottomsweeperjig webiste.

Jackson Wells

Never heard of them. Interesting. Thank you.

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