bow lifting eye for 14' McKee craft

I am looking for a bow lifting eye where the trailer winch connects to the bow of the boat. I have a 14’ McKee Craft that has a very long bolt shaft that is rusted and broke. It goes through the hull and connects at the top of the hull cap. I am unable to find one any help would be great.

You might try Mcmaster-Carr.

Bob Van Gundy
Marine Designs,Inc.
Custom Aluminum Fabrication

how about warren fastener. ive gotten some pretty off the wall stuff from them in the past.

hightide 1602sc
90hp merc

alumnicraft 14’
25hp merc

i think they make for custom apps too.

ft worry.

Lookie here… apparently these guys bought all of McKee’s remaining inventory… they probably have a pile of brand-new ones! (and anything else you might need…)

Old, beat up 17’ McKee