Bow Lights

Just installed a trolling motor on my Sea Hunt 234 and had to remove the factory bow light. I’m not sure that I want to install a base with removable light. I’ve been looking at the rub rail lights, but depending on what you read, they are or are not legal… but I do like the concept.
Any input is appreciated.

USCG has a moritorium on builders using rub rail lights until the light manufacturers can give workable guidance on getting the correct exposure/coverage with the lights. I haven’t heard that the moritorium has been lifted. Can you use shark eyes? Still must be deliberate in placement to get the correct coverage.

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I just did the same and picked up some some small vertical mounts to mount on the front corners on the console. I’ve seen several boats with them and like the way they look as well as the ease of install/future repair. Just have to watch passengers from blocking them, but I’m going to temp rig mine and see how they work

I ended up adding LED tape light to my grabrail on each side of my console. After installing them I went over them with a coat of clear epoxy.

This is what I did on my Lund.

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My bow light was always getting in the way so I moved mine to the side of my console. I never go out at night but…

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