Boykin Spaniels...

Are very hardheaded! I’ve done everything my dad showed me, and what the books say, and what worked on our other dog… but these little devils are hard to train! Haha I love mine though! I’m gonna pit Dixie in the dock dogs competition at SEWEE hopefully. And by next season, my dog and my new shotgun will be ready for ducks and doves and quail!
Also… Anybody have leads on clubs looking for members next year? We don’t really want to deer hunt ( prime fishin time) but want some turkey land and doves and upland land. And particularly ducks. I was looking at a club on the edisto river, it looked good. If anybody knows anything about one for a newbie son and long ago hunting father let me know.

Hunter P. Hames
11’ Tarpon 100
19’ Sea Fox 125 merc