Bragging on the daughter

After years of preparing academically, mentally, and physically my youngest daughter has been accepted to The United States Naval Academy ! Not bad for an old Coastie like me.

Congratulations, to you and her.

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Go Navy!

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That’s worth bragging about :sunglasses: Good job, Dad!

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Dang right, you should be proud! And she’s under 6 feet tall, or she would have been a coastie:wink:

Congrats All the years of hard work on Dad’s an Daughter paying off now.

Great! Congrats

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You have to be a proud man,congrats on both of you.

Double D.

That’s fantastic. My dad is an academy grad. My oldest went to school with a kid that is a freshman there now. She’ll get a fine education and that ring will open a lot of doors for her.

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Awesome job! My best friend is at the Academy right now. In his sophomore year and he loves it. I’m sure your daughter will enjoy it as much as he does.

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nice work!

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Good job Casey. You have raised two fine daughters!

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