Braid for baitcaster??????

Need some suggestions for using braid on baitcasters (curado and diawa coastal.) Mainly casting grubs. Everything I have read says I will lose distance compared to Mono, braid digging in to the line on the spool, and trouble with backlashes and knots.

Have used braid on spinning reels with no problems, just not any baitcasters yet. Thanks in advance for any advice.

i have no problem with braid and baitcasters i typically use 40 lb braid on mine and it works fine with no backlashes and i dont lose any casting distance

183 ranger ghost

What brand braid do you use? Thanks

i have 5 curados all have daiwa samurai braid on them. this stuff is expensive!!! but its worth it to me. its an 8 weave braid, super smooth. i had some power pro before and the daiwa is much smoother i can cast it further, it doesnt fray like power pro. i have 55lb on 4 reels and i cast 1/4 D.O.A. and 1/16 finess worms on that just as good or better than ANY other line, mono floro whatever. i have some 20lb on a cranking rod and the only thing i notice with this is if you do backlash it its harder to get out thant the bigger line.i just switched to this daiwa stuff this spring and i LOVE the 55lb and i dont fish with leaders anymore either my fishing partner is a floro man and i catch just as much as him, live bait and all.

gottcha3232, PM sent. Thanks.

I use Shimano Citicas and started using 30# Power Pro on them recently. It actually casts BETTER than mono for me, hands down. No problems whatsoever. I did not lose any distance switching from mono to braid, either.

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