I have been braising everything.

milk braised pork shoulder:

I had this at Al Di La in West Ashley before they sold. Gave it a shot and it was awesome.

Basically, you brown some meat (pat dry, season salt + pepper, cut into reasonable sized chunks and brown in batches). Deglaze the pan with stock. Add veggies and herbs (sage, thyme, etc) and meat back, and cook it low + slow til everything breaks down in the oven.

When done, take everything out of pot, pour liquid into gravy separator and skim the fat off. Make a roue with some of the fat + flour and then add back liquid to make a gravy. Just like a pot roast really…

Works best with foods with a lot of connective tissue (Pork shoulder/butt, chicken legs + thighs)

Next on the menu is my turkey dark meat Thurs - going to cut it off the bird, braise, and make gravy from that. mmmm

If I ever get off my butt and learn to hunt deer, I would try it with deer leg shanks.

Is A Di La gone? That was one of the wife’s favorite places.

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Is A Di La gone? That was one of the wife’s favorite places.

Still there, same name, but the menu is all new. I think its sold

thanks for this. have read it 3x since you posted, and now I have a venison neck roast on the way that seems like it might be perfect smoked and then braised. if I can make it happen, I will report.

Short ribs are the best. Braise them with a whole bottle of red wine. soooo good…

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