breach inlet 5/26

dropped the yak in at breach inlet and decided id try a bit around the river rather than the usual surf. i had a few frozen blue crab with me in hopes of a bonnethead along with inshore artificials. no doubt it was kinda windy and a ton of boat traffic but nothing bad enough to keep me from fishing. found what looked like a decent current break and launched half a crab close to the shore hoping a red, black drum, or bonnethead would cruise by and pick it up and theb rigged up for casting. never had any luck on em before but i figured id toss a red DOA shrimp i had in the box. first cast not far from the yak it gets smacked and up comes a nice trout. didnt have a tape measure but id guess it was 14-15". i was immediately suspicious about getting a nice fish 1st cast but i wasnt about to go back to the beach. i keep seeing mullet jump so i was hoping something was around chasing them aside from the constant dolphins. no hits in a while so i rig the shrimp under a poppin cork and thought the float was just getting beaten by the waves but nope up comes another 14-15" trout. tried a few more spots with no fish and the only thing to hit the crab was pinfish. was hoping to get a bonnethead from the yak but cant complain about a couple nice trout and getting out on the water again.

Good report - at least you caught a few!

ONN let’s go get a bonnethead in the yak. Message me, let’s set a date man! I wanna get into some from my yak!