Breakin in 22' Viper

Been awhile since I’ve hit the waters and while not on the waters I was deciding if I should invest in a 22 Viper and finally cast that hook and caught one. Broke it in right with a few small flounders and a red. Really was cruising the river to get acquainted with my new ride and it rode beautifully and I like the performance. Being I have no trolling motor or other electronics at this time I was getting the full feel of drifting and shifting to the grass with the motor. All good with that and it loaded pretty darn good. I’m loving it and now waiting for the holiday sales to start purchasing my electronics

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18’ CC SeaFox

Those are really nice boats! What kind of motor they put on it for ya?


Welcome back KOBP… I heard you were on the prowl Saturday… good stuff and congrats on the new sled!!:+1:

Fishing Nerd

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Congrats kobp

Thanks guys. Flywatt I have a 150 Yama and it rides good. Don’t have electronics yet but the holiday sales would be kicking in soon. So drift fishing for now is what’s happening. Get on the water Stumpknocker!!!

"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education"

18’ CC SeaFox

Good to see you out there Saturday Eric! Nice ride. I was wondering if that was the same whip? Guess not!

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