Brief Report and Missing Rod & Reel

A friend and I came down from Charlotte and fished out of the IOP yesterday. Left marina at 6:15 am and tried 5 or 6 places that produced a few weeks ago. Never got a bite (except for 2 rays and a couple lady fish that came unhinged). Finally decided to try a new dock that provided a nice shaded area along the dock edge. Caught 19 reds and 1 flounder - all caught either under the dock or in the shaded area right next to the dock. All caught using mud minnows or finger mullet under a popping cork. Fish didn’t seem to have a preference for one vs. the other. Most fish were small but we did catch a few slot reds. All released. All caught during the first hour of the rising tide.

Fun day, except I lost a rod and reel (Triumph rod and Shimano spinning reel). Might have left it somewhere at the marina. I assume that if someone from this site found it they would post…but still thought it worth putting this out there. Thanks