Broke our new boat in right.... 8/9/09

Got started a little later than I wanted due to dragging after a night of getting the boat off the blocks and loading everything up to fish. I decided to wait until January, when we cannot keep grouper, snapper or B liners, whatsoever, to start removing bottom paint again!

Got out the jetties and started to realize the new prop was a little fast. As the day went on we started to suspect that it wasn’t so much that, but that the motor is mounted too low. The boat did okay, but it porpoised way more than it should have on a day as calm as yesterday. We’ll get it all straight eventually I suppose.

Boat and motor ran great otherwise. It was a good first fishing trip.

Started out picking through 15" after 15" red porgy to get some scamp. While working that area, Chris caught a big gag. The fight was awesome, and the fish didn’t give up until the last 50ft. I was actually thinking a snapper at first because of how far it was digging straight down even after getting him up off the bottom. This is why I enjoy this kind of fishing so much…

Got a few B liners and c bass mixed in among all that as well.

Moved to another area and did my best to figure out what was going on with the sonar that’s currently on the boat. It got frustrating at times, but we managed to get set up on some decent stuff again. Only managed more triggers, pinks and B liners though. Kept a few of the bigger triggers and went through probably 10 pinks per B liner. Most of the fish were legal sized, so we threw back dozens of nice sized fish.

We were pretty much done with grouper anyhow because of the new limits, so I decided to go see if we could scare up a snapper and get a few bigger B liners to finish up that limit. Found a few small spots while running, but they were only holding bait or either small fish. Might be good another time of year.

Got to the last area, and it wasn’t 5 minutes after settling in over one spot befo

Wrasse of some sort??

“You are the offspring of 5 monkeys having But Secs with a retarded fish squirrel………. CONGRADULATIONS”!!!

A delishious fish!

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It came across as knocking the rod not the cocks… and, wow, that sounds extremely gay.


Great trip!!!

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Sand Tile aka slippery dick. Wow what a day.

You are pushing the ARS, swollen from expanded gas. #17 :wink:

So how far offshore did you go in a 20foot boat? :smiley:

Great day. Glad to see you still have it after not fishing as much as you usually do.

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You are pushing the ARS,

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You are way off on weight, btw.

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His fingers will not fit in his nose.

Grey or Sand Tile and 24 lbs on the ARS

Local Boy, Just having fun.

Sand tile aka you were anchored over sand…btw nice job on the fish

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Sand tile aka you were anchored over sand…btw nice job on the fish

That’s impossible. Mighty mites do not hold in the sand. [:0]

Actually, the fish came up while the boat was settling back over a ridge. The current and wind were so slack yesterday that it’d take 10 minutes for the anchor rode to get taut.

'88 Mako 211, 200 HPDI
Luke 8:22-25

My cousin would say that sometimes it would take up to an hour to get your anchor course siting on the hook

there is a reason that you never saw any of my reports with pictures of sand tiles…i prefer to anchor over structure…


I bet that nice ARS wasn’t caught over sand.

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Pretty fish. I’ll put 25 lbs on the red snapper. That’s a stud.


that is a tilefish

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27.5 on the ARS. Glad you were able to get out this weekend after all, Congrats.


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What is a Sand Tilefish
Nice Snapper!

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You da man on the bottom bumpin Phin!!!

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25.5 on the ARS,…
That’s a nice day of fishing guys.

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