Got home from yesterday afternoon and loaded up the boat.

Come out the door this morning 06:30.
48° and windy wife said she still wanted to go didn’t care. We headed to Cherry Grove Marsh figure we might be able to pick up a flounder or 3.
Nothing nice on the water this morning. When’s probably 20 with 25 an hour gusts.

We dragged mud minnows around for an hour or so then work to docks rocks and oysters. Nada. We did have the creek to ourselves though. There was 1 other trailers in the parking lot and never seen them.
9:00 called it a day. Dropped off the boat and wife and off to work. Had the boys starting at 10:00. Was almost on time for work.
This requires three coats and they must be put down within 24 hours of each other.

Wife not real happy with me. Between my real job and side work I’ve only taken a day or so off the last couple months.
Didn’t have any fish pictures so I figured I’d post work pictures.