Brushing up on size limits

Good Gracious, I’m glad I went to DNR’s site to brush up on some slot and number limits. Sheep Head 14"!! good gracious I could see 12". If I target those gonna have to catch a bunch to keep a few.

Founder 16"!! That’s almost too big to pan fry whole! How often do you catch a flounder 16" on hook and line? 12-14 was always my average, unless in a salt pond.

Only 7 BSB? Come on man!

I Know this stuff is suppose to be for the best health of our resources, but I think this is just a little over board.

Fred. The enviro left has taken over the fishery council. They want more fishes to die of old age. Check out They want more restrictions on red snapper because the accidental catch is getting too large and some released fish die. Insanity

I think these groups forget that some people truly enjoy eating their catch.

The last time I went offshore we had to move three times to get away from the ■■■■ things. Gave up bottom fishing and started to troll. If those jack asses from PEW would just listen to their own logic, they would understand that more fish are dying from being caught and released because there are A LOT MORE FISH.

PEW has been very successful in their mission to stop fishing. I remember what Holly Binns (PEW fishery division) told me at one of the early meetings to create the huge no fishing areas off the Carolinas. “You need to get rid of your fishing equipment and take up bowling”. She knew what she was talking about. The restrictions she. Carefully pushed thru the council took away half of the spots I used to fish on the Carolina clipper. And nobody would pay $85 to spend all day catching 5 BSB and 5 vermillion snapper. While we were working hard fishing the enviro groups took over most of the voting seats on council

I remember a few years back You, Sellsfish, and a couple others Bringing out the B.S. with PEW and other organizations. Why let the commercial guys that are taking so many in numbers have almost free reins, but punish the recreational fisherman?

Let’s face it, while we have more boats on the water, not many are able to go off shore. Those recreational guys and girls that do bottom fish in deep water are not putting a dent in fish numbers IMO.

I agree. Mostly. The rec guys get the short part of the share… The commercial boats are really crippled too. The Putin* gas price is killing all fishing. The charter business is almost dead. I do appreciate the commercial fishing industry. People in Kansas should be able to enjoy good seafood too. The commercial sector is today has strict limits and that is why prices in the markets are so high

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When you see all those boats remember the 80/20 rule. 20 % of the fishers catch 80% of the fish.

Back when I went darn near every other day, I learned that to be a successful fisherman, you have to go regularly. You have good days that you can hardly do no wrong and others that only strong knowledge of an area will bring home a fish… if your are lucky. I really respect most all charter Captains that can consistently put their clients on fish.

One thing I learned from many years of fishing Keep records. Write down everything. T found from 1/2 moon waning until the day before full moon fishing is great. On the day of the full moon go do something else until the half moon