Buddy snagged me a big snapper

kept in the drum feeding it a couple times.

This was the biggest yet and a B… to clean. Normally get them to bite some channel locks and pull out far enough to cut neck…ugh, took a minute. Should have took some vice grips I guess and hung it. Tough one as I flip and cut feet off next but still a struggle, lol.

Maybe this is why…full of ping pong balls…still have to remove the hind quarters. Never seen so much fat on a turtle. Tossing those eggs in the saltwater with meat. Good to eat???

Think I would have to pass…

wow that is interesting for sure

Craig, don’t get soft. May need to drop these in the pickled egg mix??

Perhaps boil a minute prior??

I’ve seen some recipes/vids where they cooked the turtle eggs in soup. But they were still yellow without the shell…

Just don’t come begging to me later, when you are starving for a turtle egg…haha


When I clicked I thought I was gonna see a big red fish, lol

Ive not shucked many turtles in my days, but im certain ive never seen eggs inside one.

Id imagine the consistancy of the eggs are like grapes?

Show us the soup, :smiley:

I’ve never eaten any and don’t think I will, but… I’ve heard a few say that is a rare and awesome find and an aphrodisiac. Like Conch. ??? Those look like some eggs I’ve seen on a butchered gator.

RUN !!! NN is coming…

If I ever meet up with NN , I’ll have my hat in my hand.He’s got me beat.

OTC, was able to see the turtles on my phone, that’s hilarious, lol.

Soaked for 24hrs in saltwater and gonna freeze. Other than the 46 eggs that I’m gonna try at some point soon…from what I have seen online, the whites stay jelly like even after boiling.

Have a couple pics here, the biggest piece of white on left is the neck. Other white meat comes from top of head and the tenderloins on top of shell. Ya gotta snip or cut the little ribs to cut them out.

Edit to say it is 6lbs of meat with bone…maybe 3 plus…meat…

EF, another one in freezer for now, but will post up pics when cooked.

Hey EF, talking to son and want to do this…have plenty for more recipes. It’s a sauce piquant.

Y’all know this guy, lol.

Hey Fred, love the goat but wow, it must love me because it is on my heels non-stop, lol. And noisy when I leave. Hope when the second one arrives, it calms down…my luck, just gonna be in stereo,…The Grands are what make it worth it.

Good times!


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We used to have a guy living on our farm in Pickens.

He would make, what he called, “Cooter Hash”, from those Turtles.

Mighty fine eats, although, a bit rich.

Largest shells I’ve ever seen.

Said the biggest weighed in at 86 pounds?

Caught in a swamp in Abbeville.

Like to score me a pair of them shades!

Ain’t much on Cajun food or anything much that’s real spicy

Good video thanks for posting

Bay, no kidding, I just cut a slice into a couple of those eggs, put in bowl with a little salt and pepper and ate em.

Was thinking I would spit them out, but actually pretty tasty. Yep, raw. looked like 80% yolk which had a rich flavor to me…Biden survivor eats…

Oh no no no no no no!!!

I guess I got to write something else.
It said the body was unclear .Is this a complete sentence.

Dam n blood work in the morning.

Oh man, you are in for a treat. Goats can be worse than dogs missing you! And they will recognise you. They are herd animals and having two will help on them bleating for you. They can be mischievous and will eat anything you don’t want them to. Good times and memories for the Grands. I love it when children get to see stuff like this. Do you alow them to participate in the butchering of the beavers, turtles and stuff? Teaching my grands how to clean fish, and grow and pick vegetables. My wife frowns on the butchering stuff, but I push it as much as possible.

Dude, you are bad man! I don’t turn down much , but I think my belly would have to be touching my back bone to try that…

Here you go NN


Just 1 makes more stew for you

Hey NN thanks for letting me know about stalekracker.He got in trouble with the boat wreck but I think he’s the real deal when I heard him talking about dog hunting on that podcast.