Bull sharks in the Cooper, Ashley?

Just for the novelty. I figured I’d ask.

Anyone ever seen bull sharks up in the more inland stretches of the Cooper or Ashley? I know they go up there once in a while, bull sharks aren’t exactly reclusive or shy. But I wonder how often/predictably they go up.

I could forsee them getting into Moultrie/Marion through the lock. We had a dead manatee show up in Marion last fall that apparently went through the lock.

We catch the occasional sharpnose or baby blacktip up past the lower end of yellow house so I know other types definitely go farther up. Never seen a bull shark up there though.


apparently theyve gone 2500 miles up the amazon and as far up the mississippi as illinois in the US so way under 100 miles to lake moultrie its definately possible, but of course not probable. if there was many to speak of im sure someone with a big chunk of shad for catfish eventually would have hooked one. if water was warmer to better suit a bull shark then now would definately be a good time with all the shad and herring in there as a food source, but 58 degree water is probably a bit cold for em. cant say ive ever heard of one even from boat ramp gossip (wouldnt believe it from boat ramp gossip either lol) but its definately an interesting subject.

No but boat ramp gossip says there are catfish in there big enough to swallow divers whole. Apparently that same catfish lives in Lake Wylie because I heard the same bs there.

My fossil diving friends only seem to worry about bull sharks when they dive in the Edisto…the Cooper gets more than its share of divers and you never hear about bull sharks. Can’t explain it. Been intimate with the Pinopolis Boat Lock for 27 years and never have bull sharks been an issue. While not impossible,I doubt that there is enought current or other attractant to draw bull sharks into the lock in the first place…but then the lock passes just about everything else…flounder and the occational blue crab.

Pretty sure the sturgeon people out at DNR caught one or two baby bulls with nets while fishing for sturgeon in the edisto last year. Not sure how far up though.

I bet we all have no idea! Hell, look at the great whites they are tracking. Do you think that is the only one cruising the coastline or harbor or reef just because it was tagged. There are probably 50 more of those GW’s all over the place and always have been but no one knew any better…

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very true optiker and thats just tagged ones and great whites, not to mention bulls, tigers, …


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I have personally witnessed some large sharks in the Edisto as far inland as Martin’s Landing. I couldn’t tell you what particular variety they were, but I can promise that they were not sturgeon.

Also, I have caught flounder and redfish inland of highway 17-a at Jellico on multiple occasions.

years ago I personally saw a flounder and a blue crab caught at the 17a bridge over the ashley outside summerville.

fmb3, I live right down the road from that ramp. In 2002, I was catching some pretty decent amounts of shrimp in my cast net there. The drought was VERY bad that year and salinity was a lot higher.

There is a creek that joins the Ashley and goes up Bacon’s Bridge. I’ve caught flounder (actual summer flounder, not just hog chokers) up in that creek, and it’s 100% freshwater in the spot I was at.

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I have caught nice blue crab at the tailrace boat landing in Moncks Corner before.

This is a far stretch but true none the less as I saw it. In 1982 three bull sharks were found at a little landing where 301 crosses the Edisto river. Two were dead and one was barely alive. DNR was called and they took the sharks.

Also have caught flounder by the power plant at Canaday’s cross roads.

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Seen a nice sized dorsal fin with FISH HUNTER right in front of mepkin abbey once

I Googled bull sharks in Lake Moultrie. This popped up. My parents live at Rice Hope Plantation. I have seen dorsal fins just outside the rice field. Not sure if it was dolphins or a shark. Too far away. I have seen dolphins before. My parents neighbor just caught a 36 in redfish
by my parents dock. I’ve caught a flounder before from the dock. Clean fish and throw the remains off the dock and we see 5 to 10 blue crabs come eat within a couple minutes. I would have to think bull sharks are around. Great eco system for babies.

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I don’t believe we have a large population of bull sharks in Charleston. I’ve seen and recorded hundreds of sharks caught with my friends charter and have never seen a bull shark. If they are there, they don’t like fish heads or fresh whiting.

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