Bulls Bay/Cape Romain

Heading up in a couple of weeks to fish both of those as well as some wrecks. Staying at Buck Hall. Which would you fish BB or CR? I hear CR is much easier to navigate. Thanks.

No help here but welcome aboard…

What a treat! CR is wonderful to fish. Although admittedly I haven’t fished much in BB…

Don’t think there are any fish around those parts​:wink::grinning:

Bulls bay and cape Romain area can be challenging to navigate but are beautiful areas for sure
Buck hall is a nice campground too
Have fun

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Nice to see you back @penfishn !

Hope you can hang out for a while!

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I second that …

Will do😀
Still been fishing the creeks but a little pond fishing also
Don’t care for those snakes though​:flushed::grinning:

Yep! Good to see Penfishin posting fishing pictures for sure.

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