Bulls Bay North 10.21 - Couldn't find em

Optimism for a good day was high after our last trip but reality doesn’t care about optimism. We pulled onto the flat past the island at low tide and set up close to where we have had success. Lots of boats on a Friday afternoon. Wind out of the north at 7mph and the tide just starting to move. Clear, blue sky, lightly stained water that had cooled to 64 degrees. Set poles, baited, and waited. Saw flipper but not near us. We soon discovered why. Nothing to eat near us. We made a couple of runs with not one shrimp. Doubting my bait placement I set more bait and sat for a few minutes. Tide picked up so we hit it again. After four laps and seven shrimp, all huge, we moved to an area with a little more grit. Threw bait and some test casts. Nothing. Pulled up and ran to the far north end. Lots of boats and poles to avoid on our way. Anchored and set up one pole. We started getting shrimp but half the size as those farther out and very few. The wind shifted a bit and went to 15 +. Tide was high enough to allow rollers so we returned to the ramp to meet our DNR officer. He said the deep hole guys south were doing ok. We met one solo shrimper who is always around the island and said he got 3/4 of a cooler. He may have worked both outgoing and incoming. Once home the wife made great use of the shrimp we caught making an arugula, goat cheese salad that showcased the freshness of the shrimp. Just the one meal:)


Been there done that but getting out is half the fun. Nice report and the shrimp, arugula, goat cheese salad sounds good. Someone needs to tell Bonzo, he’s a bit of an epicurean.