Bulls Bay North 10.26

Hit Buck Hall just before low and put in with the young DNR boys. I checked my license just in case but was good. Naturally, they didn’t check. Significant chop on the ICW so I feared we might call it off. 15 MPH is my limit but we were in the water so let’s give it a go. Out to the NE corner where we’ve done well. We were marking a nice concentration of shrimp candles on the sonar in the area. 12MPH gusting to over 18 out of the east. This was perpendicular to the current so one-poling on the bait was challenging. The water color was milk chocolate. Tide started moving at a good clip. We only baited one side of the boat so we could throw with the wind. We started catching shrimp immediately. The size was better. Mostly large, then medium, jumbo, and a few smalls that go back in the water. We ended with about 15 pounds in an hour and a half. Loading up now to go back out.

10.27 - Same tide, similar conditions (wind down to 8 mph), same spot. Shrimp were around and we caught some but medium in size. We spoke with people from 3 other boats who set up all over and they had the exact same story. Tough to get numbers and a lot smaller. What a difference a day makes. The optimist in me says “So tomorrow will be great, right?” Good luck to anyone out there.


I have never been checked. Have actually come back to the ramp from fishing/shrimping and still no check. I’ve seen game wardens in Florida and never been checked. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

At the buck around 8 years ago 2 ladies checked us. She had a ruler paused with my mesh size and looked at her co worker. I asked if everything was ok she said yes. I had a fitec 1/2 mesh and I think they were questioning it.

Have been shrimping for 12-14 years and never have been checked. One year i did go out on closing day and DNR was there waiting. We showed up at the ramp at 11:50 with ten other boats. Correct me if im wrong but you’re not allowed to have any shrimping gear on the boat after 12. So we pulled up to the shore and tossed all our gear on the bank.

Shrimping many years also
One year checked at south end off bulls
Got a warning for not having a flare
Last 3 trips on north end this year not checked
Been a great 3 trips this year