Bulls Bay north 9.11.23

The weather conditions and tide were right for a couple of hours of shrimp baiting on Monday 9.11. My wife and I arrived at Buck Hall just before low tide to a parking lot with six spaces open. The campground did not look full either. Once in the bay, we drove past a couple of unfortunate souls who got in a little shallow and would be there for the next two hours. This can happen to anyone unfamiliar with the bay so I recommend arriving at low tide until you learn the area. We arrived past the island with a few other boats. Anchored and threw a few bait balls to test the area. The rollers from Hurricane Lee made throwing difficult and hitting bait harder. Tide was barely moving. We caught 2 along with debris and jelly. Boats around us seem to be waiting for more movement in the tide but if shrimp aren’t there I move on. We drove to the far north end, sheltered from the rollers. We were seeing all sorts of candles on the sonar indicating shrimp. We planned to single-pole so we anchored in 3’ of water and threw bait. We started catching shrimp immediately. 10-20 per throw and had enough fun after an hour and a half. We caught 20 pounds without running poles. The size is encouraging for the early season. A mixture of mostly large, some medium, and an equal amount of small and jumbo. Watching the sonar as we were leaving was more encouraging. We have never seen so many shrimp candles. The water was brown but not muddy. wind about 8 mph. Why do we single-pole? Less complex and easier on the marriage, quieter, and gives us the chance to bird-watch. We’re there to catch shrimp but production is only part of our enjoyment on the water. Good luck out there.


Nice to see you back!

Thanks for your report!!

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Great to hear about size and numbers up there, thanks for the report

1 poling is the way to go with kids too, not worth focusing on coolering when the experience is the most important part.